Kid Care Program in Mexico

kid care program

Kid Care Program to Mexico

The “Kid Care Program” is about being a children’s tutor among different families. Being a tutor is different from being a babysitter. This program is focus on getting a job for our applicants in which they will support different families, helping them taking care of their children.
Before traveling, all applicants will take a course based on child care. All our “Kid Care Program” applicants will get an official Child Care Certification. (This certification is given in Spanish but can also be taken in English)
Tutors will work among different families while they’re in Mexico, having a weekly payment. Tutors can speak Spanish, however, we accept candidates from all over the world, if this is the case, they must have at least a good English level as the Certification is given in English. The duration of the program is from six weeks to 6 months. All the families live in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.


Note: Net prices without comissions

We only accept female applicants for this program, regardless of their nationality or Spanish level (as long as they have a good English level).
The Child Care Certification is given both in English and Spanish. The main subject is Child Care characteristics according to age and stage of children development. Some relevant topics are: “Baby growth”, “Nourishment & nutrition”, “Activities for Infant’s Creative Development”,
“Children Behavior”, among others.

Before coming to Mexico, all applicants will be interviewed by the host families on Skype or by phone, thereby; applicants will know their schedule, job features, etc. We will also send them all the families’ profiles where they’re going to work as a tutor.
Children may be from 3 to 14 years old.

The applicant will work 20 to 30 hours a week.


 Placement Steps:

  • The applicant must complete her file.
  • The foreign partner gives all the details to ALSO International: availability dates and length of the program.
  • The applicant must pay the program cost before being promoted with the families; ALSO International requires this payment in order to start the entire placement.
  • Once ALSO International receives all the complete paperwork and accepts it, the applicant is promoted with the Mexican families.
  • ALSO International sends to the applicant brief information about possible families and confirms if she’s going to live with a host family or in a student residence.
  • If the applicant accepts the families’ conditions she has to notice to ALSO International.
  • Once she confirms, ALSO International confirms with the families in Mexico.
  • ALSO International sends a job offer to be signed by the applicant.
  • Once the confirmation is made, the applicant now has to schedule and pay for her plane ticket and International Health Insurance.
  • The applicant must send her flight details to ALSO International.
  • ALSO International informs the applicant who will pick her up at the airport.

Once the Applicant is in Mexico:

  • FIRST DAY: The host family or an ALSO Internationa staff will pick her up at the airport.
  • SECOND DAY: The applicant takes the course “Arrival Orientation” this is a course to let her know more about her new job and culture in Mexico, this course can be taken on Skype or in person depending on the host family.
  • THIRD DAY: She introduces herself to the families that she is going to work for as a tutor. ALSO Internationa imparts an orientation course at his center “Kid Care” in Mexico City, where she will get all the details about her job; the schedule for the Child Care Certification, and information about how to use the different means of public transportation.
  • FOURTH DAY: The work begins.

Applicant´s Profile:

  • 19 to 35 years old.
  • Be dynamic.
  • Like children.
  • The applicant can be a student, have studies related to child care or health, or have a Degree in: Health Sciences, Human Sciences, Pedagogy, Pediatrics etc. Nevertheless if the applicant doesn’t have any of these studies can also be accepted; only if the applicant likes to take care of children.

If you do not have extended medical coverage, you can purchase in through ALSO International. Price are as follows.



Las personas que cuenten con certificaciones, titulos, cartas de recomendación y experiencia comprobables en el empleo promocionado,pero carecen del Ingles intermedio, deberan estudiarlo, tenga en cuenta que el programa es hasta el 2020.

Pueden alcanzar un Ingles intermedio en un curso Full-Time  para poder aplicar, no deben mentirse asi mismos, ya que nuestra empresa antes de promocionar su C.V. hara una llamada si dicen que saben Ingles y se evaluara su nivel. Simplemente estúdienlo en la escuela de Ingles de su preferencia, pero nuestra empresa tiene un convenio con una prestigiosa escuela de Ingles en Perú.

Si desean estudiar nuestro programa de ingles que se enfocara más sobre las terminologías que Usted necesita en su área envienos un correo y consignar en asunto la palabra: CURSO.

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