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CSLI Practicum Program

The CSLI Practicum Experience Program offers a unique opportunity for CSLI students to practice their English in the “real world”. This program is a combination of in-class English courses and real-life practicum placements where students practice their English skills in a Canadian work environment. Through communication with Canadians and involvement in the local community, students are able to expand future career possibilities for when they return to their home country.

Participants build skills and strengthen their resumes through international work experience supported by CSLI. CSLI offers 2 types of Practicum Programs.

    Career Experience
  Work Experience
Examples of
  Business Administration, Marketing,
Tourism, IT, International Trade, etc.
  Retail, Customer Service, Server,
Barista, Seasonal work, etc.
Program length   Full-time English study + Practicum placement in a Canadian workplace
Overview & Benefits   - Improve Business English Skills in real-life
- Strengthen your resume with practical experience
- Develop your interpersonal & communication skills
- Build confidence in an international environment
- Gain insight into different communication styles
- Receive a CSLI Certificate of successful
  - Improve day-to-day English communication
skills in real-life situations.
- Gain Canadian practicum experience
- Build confidence in an international environment
- Gain an insight into North American working
- Receive at least the BC minimum wage
- Receive a CSLI Certificate of successful
Entry English level   Intermediate (CSLI Level 5)
before the 16 weeks in-class study commences
  Intermediate (CSLI Level 5)
before the 16 weeks in-class study commences
Workshops   - Resume and Cover Letter writing
- Interview skills
- Workplace Culture
- Workplace Communication
  - Practicum Preparation
(Internship expectations. resume
review, interview skills)
- Succeeding at Practicum experience
  - Placement in fields of interest
- Practice English in a professional setting
- Maximum of 30hrs/week practicum placement
  - An entry level work position 20 – 30hrs/week
- Placement in an environment where you can
practice English
Full support
from CSLI
  - Individual coaching from the start of in-class English program to the end of the Practicum placement
- Study Plan Consultation to improve English skills effectively and to prepare for the practicum experience
- Follow-up and performance support sessions

CSLI 2013 – 14 Practicum Experience Packages


All students participating in the CSLI Practicum Program can expect:





• Coop visa or working Holiday visa                          • Medical Insurance                          • A resume in English
• Intermediate to Advanced level English skills      • Skype or phone interview before arriving in Canada

* Coop visa applications usually take 30 to 90 days. Please plan in advance to have the proper documents ready so you will receive the visa in time for your start date.

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